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QSI Bratislava is place that really pushes teachers to take an interest in their students and really care about them as a human beings.

QSIB Teacher

Children's are motivated, teachers are great, safe and friendly environment at QSI Bratislava.

QSIB Parent

I love QSI Bratislava school so much! My daughter is in Year 1 or 6 yo class and she is enjoying her class, but at same time learning a lot! Really impressed how she can write stories already and her math skills is very much supported by her teacher (which I think made her advanced) for her age. The school makes sure that it supports every child’s abilities! Should have put my daughter in this school from the start when we came back here in Slovakia.

QSIB Parent

The reason why I like QSI Bratislava is because of the teachers. They are really encouraging and they help you all the time

QSIB Student

From the moment you walk through the door what's so exciting is the fact that there's children smiling everywhere. It's real family environment. It feels like a proper community school.

QSIB Parent