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QSIB is dedicated to serving the whole child. We offer academic, social/emotional and post-high school transitional services. Information is presented to parents and students through fun and interactive classroom presentations, workshops, parent coffee presentations and individual meetings. Students and their families are welcome to make appointments to see us about any of the following concerns or additional concerns.

SChool Counselor

Welcome to QSI International School of Bratislava.  My name is Rozanne Visser and I'm here to support the students of QSI Bratislava.

As a School Counselor and Creative Arts therapist I am dedicated to provide quality interventions and therapy as needed. 

I strive to improve mental health awareness and empathy among students. My hope is to create a sufficient and sustainable Social and Emotional culture. Our goal is to maintain and improve  the well-being of all students. 

I work in accordance with Counselor Codex.  Terefore, I am obliged to maintain confidentiality.  

There are legal mandates regarding confidentiality and the appropriate rationale and procedures for disclosure of student data and information to school staff. 

We will keep information confidential unless legal requirements demands that confidential information be revealed to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to the student/their peers/anyone. 

University Counselor

Welcome to QSI International School of Bratislava.  My name is Julie Korenko and I'm here to help your child/children to apply to the different universities around the world.